Project Objectives

Main objectives of the pilot project are as follows:

  • 1. To Establish Big Data Agricultural Repository/Resource Centre at PMAS-AAUR.
    [Execution By: Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi (PMAS-AAUR)]
  • 2. Implementing crop and farms imaging solution and services using remote sensing satellite and UAS.
    [Execution By: SUPARCO]
  • 3. Testing and indigenising site/crop specific precision/digital agriculture technologies for improving agricultural productivity and quality.
    [Execution By:PMAS-AAUR]
  • 4. Developing smart apps for delivering data and traceability monitoring through digital interface connecting and outreaching various stakeholders.
    [Execution By:PMAS-AAUR]
  • 5. Conducting R&D to convert indigenous agricultural tools, implements and machinery into smart-technology enabled appliances.
    [Execution By:PMAS-AAUR]
  • 6. Capacity building of farmers and service providers for optimum operation & sustainability of digital based precision agriculture.
    [Execution By:PMAS-AAUR & SUPARCO]
  • 7. Biological development of Soil microbes for Bio-Product Formulation.
    [Execution By:PMAS-AAUR]
  • 8. Support public policy by disseminating information and data-driven insights to relevant government organizations, through reseach on agriculture, agribusiness, food manufacturing/processing and agri food value chains for the food security, and agri food exports.
    [Execution By:PMAS-AAUR]