Agriculture is a vital sector for any country. With a fast-rising population and foreseeable severe scarcity of water, Pakistan needs to move fast towards employing emerging and new technological innovations in farming.Conventional methods are still applied predominantly in farming, which has to be replaced with state-of-the-art agricultural advancements now available due to automation and smart technologies. The “Pilot Project for Data-Driven Smart Decision Platform (DDSDP) for Increased Agriculture Productivity” is framed to introduce smart technologies at selected farms. This project plans to implement smart technologies in two private and/ or state farms in different agro-ecological zones, one near Chakwal (Potohar, Northern Punjab) and the other in Multan (Southern Punjab). In the pilot project, technologies such as Internet of Things (IoTs), sensor-based implements and devices, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing will be employed for various kinds of work.